Reflective Commentary

Reflective Commentary




1) Program Name and Description

2) Program Rationale

3) Program Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives

4) Logic Model

5) Description of program strategies, brief description of rationale/support for interventions selected, and level of influence targeted with each strategy

6) Process Evaluation Plan (Methods, and Measures)

7) blog or podcast



Reflection on program name and description


My program name was actually one of the most difficult items for me. It requires a lot of thought because it is the first item people see and it is my first chance to make an impression on the audience. A program or company name can either bring in an audience or cause people to reject a program and the name is where decision makers are able to view your agenda and either move ahead or reject a plan.


Reflection on Program Rationale


A program rationale is the item that “gains support from decision makers” or “sells” the program (McKenzie et. al., 2017). The rationale needs to have “benefits of the program” clearly communicated so decision makers are getting their needs addressed (McKenzie et. al., 2017). When my peers reviewed my first outline of my rationale, they both commented on the section of why my program would be successful for the decision makers. It was then I decided I needed to show the audience how important this program is for teens. It allowed me to get into a subject of grades and performance of students which was the real “why” to being healthier. I appreciate the teacher and student feedback.


Reflection on Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives

My mission statement seemed to be the easiest part of this. I also had an easier time with objectives. I wrote my first set of goals from my perspective until I received feedback on why they needed to be written using SMART and what my program will achieve. Your feedback on goals “you’re off to a good start here. Remember that your goals should be program focused. In other words, what will your program do for participants?” made me realize I was attacking the problem from the wrong direction and helped me turn the ship around.


Reflection on Logic Model

This was my easiest section. I honestly feel like my thinking is very logical being a mathematician. I enjoyed reading feedback on wording etc., however I felt this was a section I had done well and very easily. It helped me build a foundation for my program and was a very important piece of the puzzle of starting a focused and relevant program.



Reflection on description of program strategies, brief description of rationale/support for interventions selected, and level of influence targeted with each strategy

Reflecting back on this section my one realization was that everything I used as an intervention needed to be grounded in science. We needed to have the appropriate program intervention and show proof that it has worked in the past for other programs similar to mine. It was challenging to make sure all of my interventions were backed by data. I worked on this section for a long time and through many modifications feel like I reached the goal. 


Reflection on process Evaluation Plan (Methods, and Measures)

I started out this section trying to better understand the terms. Environmental component, training component, curriculum component, Fidelity, Dose Delivered, Dose Received, Reach and Context. All new terms. I used my book to research each one and figure out how my project fit into these terms or vice versa. It was a very analytical process and one that really helped me ground my ideas to move forward on the program.


Reflection on Blog

My blog was one of my first blogs I have written. I have never put the time and attention to the structure of the blog until this program. I appreciate the information we received on how to write a blog and I am proud of how much structure I was able to put into the writing using research and a having a plan. This is the most important part of my takeaway and I know now that writing a blog takes time and patience and to make sure you have all of the criteria prior to publishing it.










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