What is EdSpace?

EdSpace is a WordPress multisite network that provides websites for coursework, organizations, and faculty research projects to the AU community.

Can I use EdSpace for my student portfolio?

Student portfolio sites will be hosted on the new Canvas Portfolium platform. It is integrated with the AU Canvas system so you can pull your coursework directly into your portfolio. Unlike EdSpace sites, which will be retired a year after you graduate from AU, your Canvas Portfolium site will always be available to you and is a great networking tool. Instructions on how to create your portfolio will be posted here soon.

How do I get access to EdSpace?

Fill out the site request form with your user and site information. Your request will be reviewed to see if EdSpace is the right fit for your needs. If approved, you will be contacted with your site information and login instructions.

Who will build my EdSpace website?

Your EdSpace site will be built and maintained by you, with full control over the site layout and content. For more help, view instructions on using WordPress.

How long will my EdSpace site last?

Due to storage restrictions on our WordPress account, EdSpace sites will not be hosted in perpetuity.

For students, your EdSpace coursework site will be available until ten months after you graduate. You will have ample time after you leave AU to export your site contents if you wish to migrate it to another platform. Student portfolios built in the Canvas Portfolium platform will never expire.

For faculty and staff organizations and research projects, your site will be automatically archived after one year of inactivity. Archived sites can be retrieved up to six months after they are taken offline. Contact the EdSpace team to have your site re-activated.

How to I install plugins or themes on my EdSpace site?

A large number of plugins and themes are already installed and are available for activation on your EdSpace site. As the site administrator, you have the ability to activate or deactivate any you wish to use. If you want to request the installation of a plugin or theme that isn’t listed, please use this request form.

Please note, not every plugin or theme will be approved for installation. There are hundreds of sites using the EdSpace platform, and some plugins and themes could have an adverse effect on other users’ work. A website administrator will review your request and let you know if it can been approved.

How do I export my site if I’m graduating or leaving AU?

Log into your EdSpace site’s admin panel. Click on Tools in the left-hand menu and choose Export. This creates an XML file that you can save. You can then import the content into another site with the Tools > Import feature, or use the export file to move your site to another website platform.

Are there any policies or regulations on what can be posted on EdSpace?

EdSpace is a platform for students, faculty, and staff at American University. As such, users agree to follow AU’s Policies.

How do I get support for WordPress?

You can find helpful information using the links below:

Links to recommended WordPress tutorials: (AU authentication required)

A Google search is also a useful tool for finding information about using WordPress as there are many tutorial sites and videos available to you for free.