Juliana I Delgado
Washington D.C | | (914)-391-3762

American University, Washington, DC
August 2015-December 2018
B.S., Biology
Minor: Environmental Science
Relevant Courses: Cell Biology, Genetics, Human
Anatomy & Physiology.
Dean’s List, 2018


Research Assistant, American University, Washington, DC.
September 2017- Present
• Leading a team of undergraduates in the American University Neuroscience Lab with a focus on expression of the Notch Protein under hypoglycemic conditions
• Working with a transgenic line of Zebrafish where GFP is coupled to assess protein expression using western blot analysis and immunohistochemistry
Teaching Assistant, American University, Washington, DC.
January 2018- Present
• Direct students and provide a detailed explanation of processes that are demonstrated in laboratory experiments
• Collaborate with faculty members in the preparation of laboratory specimens, dilutions, equipment, and restock the lab when necessary
Receptionist, Simon Says Yoga, Bethesda, MD
September 2017- Present
• Manage all social media accounts and client profiles
• Create budget sheets and inventory forms
Research Assistant, Long Island Shark Collaboration, Southampton, NY
May 2016- September 2016
• Supervised data collection, entry, and analysis
• Placed Acoustic tags on predatory species such as: Hammerhead Sharks, Thresher Sharks, and Sandbar Sharks
• Handled aquatic species in the wild during field research
Intern, Department of Sustainability and Planning, New Rochelle, NY
February 2015-June 2015
• Surveyed the downtown area to evaluate current ecological conditions
• Finalized and proposed a city standard to a board of representatives for the Department of Sustainability
Intern, Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk, CT
June 2014- August 2014
• Interacted with the visitors of the Aquarium to explain exhibits and facts about marine life
• Assisted in teaching a series of summer camps to educate children about species and exhibits
• Proper preparation and handling of all food for marine life, maintenance of salinity levels, maintenance of clean habitats, proper handling and care of all species at the aquarium
CAS Summer Scholar’s Award, American University
May 2018
For my research studying the Notch Signaling
Pathway in hyperglycemic larval zebrafish to study
the link between Alzheimer’s Disease and Type II
Diabetes, I was awarded a scholarship as well as
research money to continue my work.
Underrepresented Students in STEM
August 2018-December 2018
Founder & President of Underrepresented Students in STEM