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Book cover for Dr. Judith Shapiro's third edition of China's Environmental Challenges.

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“No country is more important for the global environment than China. Judith Shapiro uses her deep expertise, generated over decades of closely observing China, to act as our guide to this vital topic.”

Jeff Colgan, Brown University and Director, Climate Solutions Lab

“Informed world citizens need to understand China’s relationship to the planet we share. In China’s Environmental Challenges, readers new to the topic will find a comprehensive, accessible, clearly-written overview, and even specialists will find new and thought-provoking insights.”

Stevan Harrell, University of Washington

“With a powerful new chapter on extractivism, Shapiro’s compelling third edition challenges us to care about and work together to address China’s environmental challenges at home and throughout its expanding global footprint, warning, ‘It is within China that much of the future of the planet will be decided.’”

Jamie Horsley, Yale University