Katherine Boyko

A little bit about myself…

I am not the person to whom a simple question, “Where are you from?” seems so simple. Being born in New Jersey, I was granted a status of an American citizen, a first-generation American citizen to add.  However, the next 13 years of my life were spent in Ukraine, an underdeveloped, yet gorgeous, country in Eastern Europe. There, I have seen firsthand how the business is conducted and how investment projects are considered – it was a world which I had a privilege of observing from a young age under the wing of my father. On one hand, such a world brought in immense profits, but on the other, it only added to the problem of an economic divide within the country.  

Later on, I had moved to the Dominican Republic. There, I have nurtured my love for linguistics by learning Spanish alongside English, after already knowing both Russian and Ukrainian languages. Exploring my other passion for economic development, I had also taken a month there to explore the island and visit the people living in the most remote regions of the country. I have seen people attempting to bring the natural gas industry to Dominican Republic for the purpose of bettering the lives of people; I have seen also those living in sheds, which are barely covered by roofs, working on plantation in places to which roads do not extend to.   

Having learned and observed first hand the situations in these underdeveloped countries, I had finally come to the United States to get an education and enable myself to help those people with whom I came to such close contact with from my past.  

I have developed a global perspective growing up and have worked in the Unites States with non-profit organisations and a financial company, on projects providing micro loans and exploring international conflicts, all to attain experience in accounting, business management, and research.  

Currently, I am pursuing a BA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government in the School of Public Affairs at American University. Eventually, I hope to pursue a career in Investment Banking or International Business after also attaining my Master’s degree. After that, I also hope to create a personal non-profit organization which would be aimed at lowering socio-economic disparities amongst individuals within developing countries. 


PPL Program

Politics, Policy and Law Program is a rigorous, multidisciplinary 3-year BA program.  It encourages action and involvement alongside exploration of principles, practices, and institutions of politics and law from quantitative and qualitative, philosophical, and social science perspectives. Within this program, I live and study in a small cohort of students and share in the opportunities to get involved in special summer experiential learning opportunities as well as research alongside faculty. 

SPA Leadership Program

Advanced Leadership Studies program within the School of Public Affairs prepares students for careers in leadership by offering the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to lead with intelligence, integrity and compassion. Alongside five other individuals, I conduct a research project exploring factors affecting graduation rates as part of the Education and Empowerement group within the program.  

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a club I led in my last year attending The King’s Academy high school.  One of the main focuses of the club was attending National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) in New York. This conference is a highly engaging, immersive experience in the world of international affairs, problem solving, and diplomacy. It forces students to do extensive research and propose solutions to global pressing conflicts through proposition and passing of a collaborative resolution.

Little Smiles Youth Council

Little Smiles of Florida is a charity which focused on helping the caregivers for children who are facing devastating circumstances such as terminal illnesses and issues of abandonment or neglect. The charity sponsors events for children as well as fundraisers to provide resources and financial support to the professionals working with children during their difficult times. At this charity, I specifically had worked as a president of the Youth Council who was in charge of event planning, fundraising, and event promotion and management for the charity.