My Past, Present, and Potential Future

Hello, my name is Konstantinos Tsarouchis. For many years I was a swimmer and acted in theatrical productions. However, as time went along I developed new profound interests. When I was a rising senior in high school,  I interned for a state representative political campaign while developing an interest in political science and also developing people skills such as learning how to communicate with people at the door and on the phone. I also had the privilege of attending the  Inauguration of Donald Trump through the Envision Leadership Summit which further invested my interest in the structure of government and political science. I am currently a Political Science major ( soon to be CLEG which stands for Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government) at American University. My aspirations for the future are still undecided. However,  I believe that my goal for the future may be to create a name for myself in the political communications department and possibly land myself a job as a political news anchor.

Personality wise, I am very tenacious and will strive at anything to achieve my goals. I  have also strived to challenge myself academically and morally. For example,  I always strive to take courses that are academically challenging and will not sacrifice my morals just to succeed. Another crucial skill I possess is the ability to make a positive first impression. This will go a long way when looking for a career in political broadcasting or whatever career I may decide.

Career Resume