My Past, Present, and Potential Future

I’ve had many experiences which have lead me to be in the current position I’m in today. When I was a rising senior in high school,  I interned for a state representative political campaign while developing an interest in political science and also developing important communication skills such as learning how to communicate with people while canvassing and on the phone to get out the vote. In addition, I  learned how to be technologically efficient by using data sources to look up addresses through WhitePages and LinkedIn in order to have the ability to contact potential donors.  I also had the privilege of attending the  Inauguration of Donald Trump through the Envision Leadership Summit which further invested my interest in the structure of government and political science. I am currently a Political Science major ( soon to be CLEG which stands for Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government) at American University. My aspirations for the future are still undecided. However, after taking various political science courses such as political theory,  and a constitution class, I have learned that I have a passion for reading and analyzing philosophical, legal, and political issues, and therefore I am leaning toward pursuing a law degree with these newly discovered skills/passions. My sophomore year, I found that I was not very fond of the Communications and Economics areas in the interdiscplinary CLEG major, so I then decided with my new found passions for legal and political theory that it would be more benefical for me to switch back to a poly sci major but this time with concentration in political theory. In addition, I also developed a passion

Personality wise, I am very tenacious and will strive at anything to achieve my goals. I  have also strived to challenge myself academically. For example,  I always strive to take courses that are academically challenging and are beyond academic levels that I have not yet experienced.  Another crucial skill I possess is the ability to make a positive first impression. For example, in my last campaign, the ability to show that I was passionate towards the work that would need to be put in reaped benefits, as I have frequently been contacted by my previous coworkers to help them in a new election.

Career Resume