Conferences & Presentations

Attending conferences, trainings, and presentations have taught me the value of public speaking, commanding the attention of the room, and being able to present your message in a precise and digestible manner. Based on my attendance at these events, I have been able to apply what I learned to my own presentations at American University.


  • “Consent: Ask For It” Campaign – Leadership Development Lab I
  • Alcohol’s Effect on Student Sexual Assault: Ending the Connection – Leadership Development Lab II
  • Decriminalization of Sex Work – CLEG Seminar
  • Fighting Against Barriers – Violence, Justice, and the Law
  • Opioid Crisis After COVID-19 – Introduction to Justice Research
  • Ban The Box – Justice and Public Policy
  • Analysis of Reformation Clothing Brands Sustainability – Global Corporate Citizenship

Conferences & Trainings

  • Transgender Patient Care at Mount Sinai 
  • Columbia Health LGBTQ Cultural Sensitivity Presentation
  • Crane Center Trans Wellness Conference 
  • Why Mechanisms and Not Tribunals Seminar from the NYU Center for Global Affairs