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Writing Sample: Reflective Rant Project Essay

Have you ever been personally victimized by love-crazed, prepubescent teenagers, who live by
the notion that unnecessarily extra public spectacles are the true means of expressing genuine
romanticism? If not, consider yourself blessed. I am a self-proclaimed victim, as I had to bear witness
to an agonizingly painful escapade, commonly known as a homecoming proposal. I knew red Solo cups
had been made out to be the staple multipurpose item, but I could’ve dealt without their ability to spell
the word “HOCO?” in the middle of the Jensen Beach High School cafeteria, for the entire population
to see. No, this grossly, crafty display was not intended for me—which is why I was somewhat pissed
and may sound a tad bitter in my recount!—it was for this chick named Jessica, who let out an
enthused-filled effusion (again, for the entire school to lay prey to).
With this, there were mixed reactions rendered by the ever so unlucky bystanders: there were
fake smiles to mask blatant pain and distaste, longing faces that yearned for the ability to perform astral
projection to trade places, and, of course, the hopeless romantics in half hysterics. I was the Heinz 57 of
these combined emotional sentiments, with a profound emphasis on a rancorous boiling that began to
accumulate in my stomach, knowing I was taking a solo trip to the dance, AGAIN.
Like, seriously, is there anything worse? Besides stubbing your toe, waving to someone that was
clearly waving at the person behind you, or maybe seeing a teacher outside of a classroom setting. God,
being unwanted sucks, and the crass assumptions made by the individuals conducting these charades to
think that people actually enjoy this shit, make my skin crawl. It’s downright embarrassing for us
misfits deemed unfit to be coupled up for a trashy, low-budget, un-Cinderella-like fairytale ball.
The standards for attaining critical acclaim for these proposals reside in the hands of validation
from social media and public glory to capture the awe-striking “she said yes” moment for all to envy
and crave (Bonos, 2018). And the cherry on top is that these proposals continue to get more and more
unimaginable. Not to mention they can get superfluously expensive, suggesting that boys should consider getting a part-time job (Mowry, 2017). An entertainment article titled Why Promposals Are
Bullshit suggests that the ideology behind this ‘go big or go home’ mentality might stem from the idea
that “if the proposal is not taken to the extreme, the ask may lose its value” (Schneider, 2016). But
seriously, what street-cred is going to be diminished as a result? Who’s monitoring the fundamental
value of a flash mob vs. the phrase “Prom?” tattooed on your ribcage, Pinterest posts? Give me a
freaking break! The milk is obviously being cried over. At this rate, forget a marriage proposal on a
private island, ASK ME TO THE DAMN DANCE!

Full essay: file:///C:/Users/morga/Downloads/Rant%20Essay_%20Final%20Draft%20(3)%20(3).pdf

Racial Injustice Group: Empowerdc_edu Social Action Project

We addressed the research questions of: “How does institutional racism affect how students of color perform in secondary school and how prepared they are for college?” In order to complete our social action project we decided to utilize social media for the best way to reach young students, given we are living in a global pandemic. We created helpful infographics and interactive informational slides to spread discuss the college process at large as well as resources that many students are not exposed to, as a result of implicit racial bias and institutional racism.

Every week we would post 1-3 slideshows based on the topic we chose to cover for that particular month. In order to organize the social media page, we created information in increments and set up a formal plan for each month. We decided that we would dedicate the month of January to planning monthly posts, gaining a follower base, choosing community partners, and beginning the Eagle Endowment Application. The month of February covered posts about the college planning process and college search. The month of March covered navigating the application process (Common App and Coalition). April posts were dedicated to writing essays (supplements, application specific, etc.) Finally, May would be the time to plan the future of the project, finish the Eagle Endowment and plan how we will give back, and posts about scholarships and financial aid.

We worked in contention with Raising a Village and providing support for the students at the coalition.  They were our main focus and we wanted to make sure that we catered to the needs of those students, as they would be the primary beneficiaries of the Eagle Endowment fund. We plan on creating back-to-school packs with a plethora of school supplies for the next school year to alleviate any stress that comes with preparing for school and buying supplies for many families that do not have access.

Our goal for this project was to spread important information and provide the necessary resources for underrepresented students that have the potential to be excellent, but the tools are never given to them in order to be successful. We plan on continuing to post informational slideshows and possibly have personal Q&A sessions to answers any questions and debunk and settle any college anxiety/apprehension.


My growth as a leader

Coming into SPA Leadership I did not realize how much of a collective effort that leadership required. I’ve always been a very independent person and to be a leader you need to listen to your follower base, coworkers, peers, and/or anyone that is under your influence in order to hear their needs and

Team dynamics and implementation

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