About Me

Olivia Harwood is a sophomore at the American University in the School of Public Affairs, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies and a minor in Political Science in an academically accelerated 3-year program as well as a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies from the School of Public Affairs.

Olivia is originally from London, England, but has lived in Tampa, Florida for the past fifteen years. At AU, Olivia is the External Steering Director for Eaglethon, a Dance Marathon Charity for Children’s National Hospital, and writes on the Constitutional Column for the Juris Mentem Undergraduate Law Review. She also works at AU Phonathon as a Fundraiser for the Alumni Association.

Olivia has a passion for photography and photo editing, community service, and learning. As a student, she is interested in pursuing a path in law and politics. She is interested in working in law firms and political groups while simultaneously hoping to find opportunities to travel the world.