Reflection – Deliverable 4/29/21

I have found that the leadership program has helped me improve my research abilities a lot faster. Due to having to conduct my own independent research at a pretty early period in college, my research skills have always been pretty far ahead. This has served me well in a lot of my classes, where they are requiring more and more research with higher expectations. Additionally, I have felt lucky to have a family within leadership. It is so comforting to be surrounded by so many people who are just as driven and focused as I am. It has been easy to connect with many of my peers because we are so similar in that sense. I look forward to completing my capstone for leadership because I am excited to improve in the spaces I found trouble in this past year. I also am excited to investigate a new issue and see how I can contribute.


Reflection – Deliverable 3/1/21

My experience with my own social action project has provided me with an invaluable experience in working on a project. I have been able to utilize my leadership project in interviews for internships and other jobs. In general, I am finding that employers are impressed by the work I am doing, let alone doing it independently. I have received feedback that being able to adapt to situations, like COVID, is an important skill to develop. I have found that it has given me a sense of confidence that I know I can figure out and get through anything even if I have no clue on what I am initially doing.

I have also found that many internship programs reflect what the SPA Leadership programs does. Internship programs sometimes consist of forming a group of interns to do a term project on a topic which is essentially what the SPA Leadership allows students to do. This excites me because it makes me feel like I am already reasonably experienced in what many internships are looking for. Based on this, I am overall greatly to be a part of SPA Leadership because of how it is allowing me to develop as a student and a future employee in my fields of interest.


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