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This is an essay I wrote for the course GOVT-210 called Political Power and Public Policy with Professor Quirk. We were asked to write a series of reports on a policy issue of our choosing. We first wrote a memorandum and brief and then a letter to the editor. I chose to write about abortion as a policy issue. More specifically, I wrote about my memorandum and brief about TRAP laws. Read the full version here through the hyper link!

Writing Sample – Deliverable II 4/29/2021 – Policy memo-2-3


Final report – Deliverable II 4/29/2021


An active leadership role that I am currently working on is the External Director for Eaglethon, American University’s dance marathon charity. Eaglethon fundraises directly for Children’s National Hospital, a local D.C. hospital located in the Columbia Heights region, to support the treatment and livelihood of kids with chronic illnesses. As the External Director, I manage the external affairs of our organization, including social media, marketing, advertisement, and recruitment. Within these different roles, I coordinate different projects in order to support our fundraising goals, such as recruitment pushes and connecting with other dance marathon organizations. 


This leadership role has challenged me, especially since the role went completely virtual due to COVID-19. The change has encouraged me to adapt to the role and to re-evaluate my approaches to different projects. I have pulled from many skills, including organization, collaboration, and creativity. Through this, the External team has connected with dance marathons in the D.C. area, such as HoyaThon, as well as even organizations farther from the city, such as the dance marathon at the University of Michigan! We have also supported fundraising efforts through consistent social media promotions. As a team, we are continuing to work and adapt as we move forward.


Hobbes v. Aristotle – Essay Writing Sample

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