The Online Learning Leadership Committee (OLLC) was formed in fall 2017 to be a university-wide resource group that will help guide and promote all aspects of online learning throughout AU, thereby enabling the university’s goals in teaching, learning, scholarship, and other academic objectives.

This website is a vehicle for committee members to share and update content. The work of the OLLC is currently divided into three task force subcommittees.

Task Force Subcommittees

Committee Members

  • Michael Keynes (AA)
  • Mike Piller (LIB)
  • Matt Meekins (SIS)
  • Kamalika Sandell (OIT)
  • Stef Woods (FAC SEN)
  • Stephanie Brookstein (SPExS)
  • Mike Schroeder (SIS)
  • Paula Weissman (SOC)
  • Katerina Kulagina (SOC)
  • Maureen Breslin (KSB)
  • Stacey Snelling (CAS)
  • Julie Sara Boyd (SOE)
  • Elizabeth Boals (WCL)
  • Vi Ettle (AA)
  • Jill Klein (CTRL, SPExS, KSB)
  • Sonja Walti (SPA)
  • Kara Reynolds (CAS)
  • Prita Patel (AA)