Conditioned Place Preference Video Donated by Zachary Pennington and Denise Cai

Video Content & Behavior Details:

Species: Mouse          Number of Animals in Video: 4 

Description of Behavior: Cocaine conditioned place preference test- After 3 minutes enclosed in center chamber, animals were able to move between center, left, and right chambers freely for 10 minutes.”

Video Acquisition Details:

Video Format: mp4          Camera: Logitech webcam          Acquisition Software: OBS Studio

Resolution: 320 x 180          Frame Rate: 25 fps          Duration13:04       

Donated by: Zachary Pennington( Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cai lab) & Denise Cai (Assistant Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

Details Specific to Individual Videos:

Duration of Each Video:

Key: Video Title – Duration

Pennington_mouse_conditioning chamber_place preference test_01 – 13:04

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