Oct 22, 2020


Researchers from Boston University have created a low-cost system for tracking eye position in head-fixed applications.

The accurate measurement of fast eye movement dynamics such as microsaccades in real time requires the use of high-speed eye tracking software. OpenEyeTrack is a multithreaded eye tracker made using OpenCV, C++, QT5, cvui, and a Teledyne DALSA Camera with GigE-V framework APIs for Linux. By using a multithreaded approach, openEyeTrack is capable of significantly improving performance over single-threaded designs that have to sequentially process frame capture, analysis, and display. This makes openEyeTrack capable of reaching frame acquisition rates of up to 715 frames per second with display rates up to 145 frames per second. With such high framerates and lossless processing of data, openEyeTrack is able to provide increased accuracy for eye tracking measurements. The authors of openEyeTrack plan to use it in future studies investigating the neural dynamics of cognition, decision-making, and motor-control, further validating openEyeTrack as a versatile, open source research tool.


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Read the Paper!

Read more about openEyeTrack in their Journal of Open Source Software paper!

GitHub Repository

Get access to necessary files, designs, and code for openEyeTrack from their GitHub repository!

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