Apr 5, 2023

Developed by Jason E. Osborne, Neurobiological Instrument and Systems Designer, and Joshua T. Dudman, Janelia Farm Group Leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, RIVETS is an open-source mechanical system for in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology and imaging in rodents. The Dudman Lab website consists of full fabrication methods, potential suppliers, and downloadable CAD files. This includes STL files to 3D print narrow and wide clamps that are compatible with their three post types and brain slice chamber. This allows for efficient interchangeability of equipment when using a microscope and stereotactic approaches.  

The 3D printed hardware was tested for use in two photon calcium imaging in acute brain slices, two photon structural imaging, extracellular recordings from head-fixed mice, and more. RIVETs designs enable rapid design, fabrication, and utilization of new chamber designs made to fit specific experimental needs. 

RIVETS is a registered trademark of US Patent Office and held by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 

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Special thanks to Cammi Rood, an undergraduate neuroscience major, for providing this project summary! This summary is part of a collection from students in a Computational Methods for Neuroscience Course at American University. 

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