Jan 27, 2022

SeqSeek is an open-source cell classifier for determining cell types in mouse spinal cord atlas. It is a web-based search engine that let’s the user search the database for a gene or specific cell type. The data is pulled using an algorithm where gene expression can be compared between clusters of cells. For example, the database can be used to identify differences in dorsal and ventral neuron types as well as their genes, location in the spinal cord, and if the cells were clustered together in these locations. By sequencing RNA and cDNA from various cells in the spinal cord and using computations analysis, shared patterns can be identified between cell types, similarities in their molecular signature, and how these cells change based off their biological environment. This tool provides a way to sample the diverse cell types in the spinal cord while determining if shared characteristics exist.

The database can be accessed at the following site:

Read the Paper

Learn more about this project, implementation, and validation data from the paper!

SeqSeek Website

Get access to the software, docs, and tutorials from the SeqSeek website! It includes great resources and additional information about the tool.

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