Wave Surfer

Sep 16, 2016

WaveSurfer is an open-source application for neurophysiology data acquisition and analysis. The program is based in MatLab, and evolved from an earlier open-source software package called Ephus. WaveSurfer is currently pre-release, but can be downloaded from the WaveSurfer Webpage or the WaveSurfer GitHub Repository.

The project was initiated by the Svoboda Lab, and developed as a collaborative effort between several research groups at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus. Janelia is a major proponent of collaboration and open-science, providing documentation for dozens of tools and innovations developed on their campus through their webpage, including several tools specific to behavioral neuroscience research.


Janelia Website

Read more about this project on the Janelia project page. 

WaveSurfer Page

Read the documentation and step by step instructions for implementing WaveSurfer with your own data!

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