RPP 9: Mentor Meeting

This mentor meeting occurred on the 27th of November for approximately half an hour. I updated Professor Carruth on my progress so far and how I was still torn between small-n case study research and discourse analysis for my final narrative paper. Although I was thinking then that I would most likely propose to do interpretivist research for the final paper and her advice was geared towards that, this advice is still relevant for further reading and exploration of the topic area even though I have decided to do a case study for my final paper.

Professor Carruth gave me the names of two researchers in refugees studies looking at the construction of refugees and asylum seekers particularly in Greece and southern Europe. Cabot’s article on the parallels between asylum rights and citizen’s rights is of interest to me and my research since many of her points raise further questions for my own research and some extrapolations can be drawn between Greece and Sweden.[1] Additionally, she told me that I should look at Sweden’s actual asylum processing system and how refugees must construct themselves in order to be seen as “good” and “worthy” of asylum.

Professor Carruth also suggested that I look at how imagery is used to visualize and show refugees, specifically in media stories, since this can be a very helpful form of data. In particular, when I read media stories to make sure they actually match the country they are covering, e.g. the people in the photographs are from the right region/country that the article talks about.  Media stories have a tendency to reuse images from past stories about refugees.

I have several books[2] on the subject to read over winter break as I continue thinking about my topic and planning ahead for next year and 306.  I am very grateful to have Professor Carruth as my mentor and I look forward to using her, her knowledge, and her alternative viewpoints as a source next year as I continue my research in 306.

[1] https://www.academia.edu/30029030/The_European_Refugee_Crisis_and_the_Crisis_of_Citizenship_in_Greece

[2] The Turbulent Decade: Confronting the Refugee Crises of the 1990s by Sadko N. Ogata and Making Refugee: Somali Bantu Refugees and Lewiston, Maine by Catherine Besteman

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