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  1. This was a solid presentation. I thought it was great that you organized your literature in the presentation by schools of thought and that you gave a solid breakdown of each “camp.”

    I thought the breakdown of your methodology was also good. You made it clear what trade-offs you were making and why that was important.

    For case selection you did a good job of providing the time and space for the cases selected and why that was important.

    I understood how you operationalized the variables. In the narrative paper make sure you show the combination of variables you think provide a certain outcome. I think that “partial success” is necessary to define, but it will be important to establish the line between partial success and success as well as the line between partial success and failure.

    I would consider a clearer visual model for the hypotheses. I am sure in your narrative paper you will have the visual with the variables in a way that is clearer. This is a difficult task in an 8 minute presentation.

    Overall I think it is an excellent start to your research. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Phoebe–

    Great job on your presentation! Your case studies are incredibly interesting to me, as my project involves the Balkan in some capacity, too. I never would have thought to compare the Syrian and Bosnian refugee crisis, so I think it’s really unique what you’ve done. I understand you said that the two cases had similar political circumstances which offers some control–if you could slightly expand on this to clarify and explain that would make your justification slide even better. Why Bosnia? What links it to Syria? What makes it different?

    I would also be really interesting in hearing your discussion of tradeoffs with the inclusion of interpretivism. I know you compared small n versus large n methodologies, but you didn’t really explain why interpretivist didn’t fit your project, or why you engineered a project that undertook a neopositive understanding. I’d love to hear more about this as someone planning to pursue an interpretivist project.

    I look forward to seeing how your project progresses!


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