Final Research Design Presentation

Hello, everybody! Please find below the link to my final presentation. Apologies for my voice – I have been sick. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hey Paroma,

    I think you offered a great explanation for why your topic is puzzling and worthy for research. The causal model you offered was also clear and your literature review was strong. I would have liked to hear more about why chose to complete a single case study. Questions similar to yours have been explored with comparative case studies and large-n studies. Why do you think a single case study makes the most sense and how do you anticipate using this methodology will contribute to scholarship and theory building?

  2. Paroma,

    I am very interested and excited for your research and I think your presentation does well in establishing context and your clear puzzle.
    I think there could be areas where you can elaborate and further explore within your topic and how it seeks to engage in the current literature.
    You discuss economic, social and government (political) implications but could you elaborate or explore how you case of Pakistan agrees or disagrees with how scholars wiithin these conceptual buckets see political participation as an outcome. Do you intend to state the at the case of Pakistan means to make a new conceptual understanding of political participation and what do you offers as explainations for future implications? (things to consider beyond 206 into 306 but still would still be good to know!)

    I think you do a good job in clearly stating you IVs and DVs with intervening variables but I think parts of IV on political suffrage could be elaborated. How is political suffrage demonstrated and can it be through alternative ways and yes official political suffrage but also clarify how suffrage and criteria of how suffrage is demonstrated. I think following a structured comparison or further outlining these criteria of what is considered political suffrage will be important for your reader to understand how and why the case of Pakistan is puzzling or as you state an “outlier”.

    Lastly, I think your justification for process tracing analysis, is thorough and further linking to theory could be really substantiate your analysis and demonstrates that your methodology is sound.

    Overall, I think you’ve done a really great job communicating your puzzle and outline a concise methodology plan. Looking forward to seeing how your research goes and for next semester!

  3. Paroma,

    I know this semester has been a journey but I think your thinking has come out really strong on the other side of it. This puzzle is excellent, and I love that you emphasize just how puzzling decreased female political participation is in the light of scholarly arguments regarding how it should be increasing, based on their theory. Further, I think using process tracing as your method of research is brilliant and perfect for this model. Additionally, your causal model was clear and understandable while still being extremely thorough.

    I’d encourage you to consider, especially in looking at the “economic freedom” variable, how the class of different women plays a role in their political participation. Is participation particularly low across the board for Pakistani women, or does it differ based on their family’s income status? (If this information is somehow available)… I’m also still a little confused on exactly how you plan to operationalise your “political suffrage” variable, so look to elaborate on and clarify this in your paper.

    Looking forward to next semester & proud of all the growth I’ve seen in you this semester. x

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