Leadership In Action: Ally Higgins

Ally Higgins, Junior, Intern at the US Central Bureau of INTERPOL

Currently, I am interning at the US Central Bureau of INTERPOL in the Global Policing Division. There I work with the US Notice Unit to assist in ascertaining the location US fugitives abroad. I have been there since July and so far I have learned so much not only about my career path but also about leadership. The example that is most prominent in my mind was how welcoming the Deputy Assistant Director of my division was when I arrived. She ensured that everything was set up and prepared for my arrival (which in the government is rare). Furthermore, every day in the first few weeks, she made a point to check in with me and make sure I was comfortable. In all, I hope that one day if I have the opportunity to be in such a position of leadership I will make every team member feel valued and appreciated regardless if they are a senior analyst or an intern.

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