Leadership In Action

How helpful are the theories if students aren’t learning, executing, and analyzing them in the real world?

In the SPA Leadership Program, we study the theories in the classroom and act on them in our on-campus clubs, volunteer opportunities, internships, and finally, in our jobs post-graduation. Leadership students take advantage of all the opportunities AU and DC provide. On this blog, Leadership In Action, we hear from current students and alumni themselves on how they practice or witness leadership in their respective professional experiences. Click on their images or the links below to hear their stories.



Noah Haines, Class of 2020, Field Organizer: Amy McGrath Senate Campaign
Gregory Pratt, Class of 2018, Digital Campaigns Associate at Blueprint Interactive
Britt Jacovich, Class of 2020, Press Assistant at Accountable.US/Allied Progress
Alain Xiong-Calmes, Class of 2018, Special Assistant to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf
Conchita Garcia, Class of 2018, Legislative Analyst at Homeland Security




Ally Higgins, Junior, Intern at the US Central Bureau of INTERPOL
Tom Lebert, Senior, Deputy Director of Dining and Food Insecurity for the American University Student Government

















Anthony Diorio, Second-Year, Incoming Student Co-Director
Vanessa Sousa, Second-Year, Incoming Student Co-Director


Prachi Jhawar, Senior, Digital Media Intern at the National Organization for Women
Emma Lovato, Third-Year, Barista and AmLit Director of Print Production
Noelle Serino, Research Consultant with The Root Cause Coalition.
Chaitanya Venkateswaran, First Year, British High Commissioner for a day
Tiffany Gilligan, Junior, Intern at The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA)
Samantha Cotter, Junior, Executive Advisor to Youth Empower at Women’s March









Sierra Meredith, Junior, Metropolitan Police Department as a Detective Aide


Zaria Guignard, Senior, Intern at Democracy Fund








Konstantinos Tsarouchis, Junior, Intern at the American Hellenic Institute
Olivia Phillips, Junior, Assistant Tennis Pro