Leadership in Action: Gregory Pratt, Class of 2018

Gregory Pratt, Class of 2018, Digital Campaigns Associate at Blueprint Interactive

What were you involved with in undergrad? 

On-campus I was an RA, Orientation Leader, Orientation Chair, Steering Committee Member (Outreach Coordinator), Student Government member, Member of Phi Alpha Delta, and the President of the Council of Professional Greek Organizations. I spent some time working in the Student Activities offices during my freshman and sophomore years.

Off-campus I interned at the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. I also spent a summer at the University of Michigan, helping them plan their welcome week student leadership program. During my senior year, I worked as the Finance Coordinator for the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence.

Starting from graduation, what’s your career path thus far? What did your job search process look like? 

I left college and went to go work on a political campaign, and I have since done four campaigns working in fundraising before coming to my current job.

I found that using the connections you made in college, especially in DC, is one of the best resources when job searching. For instance, my first boss out of college ended up being one of my best friends’ (another Leadership Alum, MMK!) boss for one of her internships. Not only was it helpful in landing the job, but it was something that my boss and I could bond over and I was able to get helpful hints from her on how to work with him.

What do you do in your job?

I manage all digital aspects for my client (mostly political and candidates) not limited to, but including ads, social media, websites, emails, etc. I also help manage and lead my firm’s digital fundraising efforts for all our clients.

How has the Leadership Program prepared you for your current role?

The Leadership Program taught me to not be afraid to ask questions and to admit when I do not know something, which can be hard to do, but so worthwhile.

Also, working in politics, you serve a lot of different constituency groups and one of the first things the program teaches you to do is stop, listen, and engage with members of the community you are working with. This is invaluable in politics because it is so easy to determine what you think someone wants, but until you listen to them, you will never truly know, and can’t help them. By taking the time to stop, listen, and ask questions of the groups I am trying to reach, I am better able to help my clients achieve their goals.

What’s a message you have for current students?

Take any opportunity you have no matter how small or different it might seem, because one day the opportunities might stop. Being in DC, there are a million and one opportunities around you and it might seem easy to let them pass you or reject them if you deem them not worthy of your time, but don’t. You never know what doors that opportunity will open up down the line.

Also, take time to enjoy yourself, have fun. Life is a marathon and not a sprint. It is okay that you won’t be a Congressman at 25, take the time to make friends, join a sports league (I joined a bowling league with my co-workers), go to trivia, anything that isn’t work.

You can find me on Twitter @PrattEveryWeek, you can also find me on Linkedin, but I’m rarely on it. You can also email me at gregory.pratt15@gmail.com, but tbh I’m on Twitter all day every day (it’s sorta my job) so it’s probably the best place to reach me.

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