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Develop a personal website for use in SPA 361.
Your website will be both a space for reflection on your learning experiences as well as a place to showcase yourself as a leader and a scholar. By the end of the semester your website should include:

1. Resume

Due October 1 (following resume workshop with career center)

⇒ Must follow best practices as discussed.

⇒ Should be updated as needed on website.

⇒ Include both a link to a PDF and a resume formatted for online site

2. Professionally appropriate headshot

Due October 1

⇒ If you would rather not have a photo of yourself online, talk to me and we’ll figure out an alternative

3. An “about me” page that states your academic and professional goals

Due October 1

⇒ Think through the following 3 guiding questions to help you formulate your

1. What are my gifts?

2. How would I like to further develop them?

3. How do I want to apply them in the world?

4. A writing/work sample with reflection/context (Fall term)

Due December 1

⇒ Choose one of the following (also be sure to include a reflection on what you learned from completing the project):

1. Issue Statement— connect your project to the leadership literature discussed in class

2. Policy Memo Leadership Assessment— Offer a leadership analysis of the efforts made by others to address the social problem – is there a failure of leadership?

3. Constituency Report Leadership Assessment—Provide a leadership assessment of the constituent group you met with in the fall term. How has the leadership style of the group helped or hindered its efforts at public affairs?

4. Project Proposal—Ensure that your proposal and report on the progress of your research

5. Leadership skills evidence items (Spring term)

Due May 1

⇒ Upload final team report

⇒ Reflection on team dynamics during the implementation phase

6. Reflection Posts

⇒ Throughout the semester, you will be asked to respond to prompts that encourage you to make connections among our course materials, your past experiences, and your research projects. Remember to use the tags provided with the prompts so that your classmates and I can follow your posts and respond with comments.

Example prompts

What skills as a leader do you already possess? How did you develop these? What might they suggest about your leadership style?
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We read and hear about many leadership successes and failures in the news each week. Describe one recent example of a leadership success or failure being reported in the news media. How would leadership theory explain this leaders success or failure?
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