Leadership In Action: Conchita Garcia, Class of 2018

Conchita Garcia, Class of 2018, Legislative Analyst at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Who am I?

I am a graduate of the Class of 2018. I majored in CLEG with a minor in security studies. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania but stayed in DC post-graduation.

I currently work at the Department of Homeland Security as a legislative analyst and am a yoga sculpt instructor at Corepower Yoga. I am also involved in the National Capital Area Political Science Association and volunteer for VoloCity Kids DC!

What were you involved with in undergrad?

I was very involved in the SPA Leadership Program (was a first-year TA as a sophomore and then a Student Director my senior year). In addition to my involvement in Leadership, I was a member of the Latino and American Student Organization and was involved with fundraising efforts by the AU Office of Alumni Engagement.

Off-campus, I had several internship experiences to include nonprofit organizations, an internship with Senator Casey, another in Brussels, and finally, one with the Department of Homeland Security, which ultimately led to my job!

What do you do in your job?

At my day job, I basically get to study what Congress is up to and help the Department formally respond to any questions, provide legislative drafting assistance, and requests for briefings (in other words, I’m a total bureaucrat).

As a part-time yoga sculpt instructor, I build playlists, sequence classes, and sweat with yogis and am coaching in an upcoming Teacher Training!

How has the leadership program prepared you for your current role?

I learned so much about time management and public speaking, but the most important things I learned were soft skills – for example, how to come to an agreement, work with different personalities, and keep an open mind.

What’s a message you have for current students?

Keep long term goals, but take it easy and keep a hobby! I am a big advocate for hobbies… find something that makes you happy and make space for that on your calendar. It will keep you happy and sane.

I don’t use Twitter but feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, email (conchitag0319@gmail.com), or Instagram (@cgarcia0319)!

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