Leadership In Action: Samantha Cotter

Samantha Cotter, Junior, Executive Advisor to Youth Empower at Women’s March

Presently, I am an Executive Advisor for Women’s March Youth Empower on youth-led campaigns, student gun violence walkouts, Millennial/GenZ voter activation campaigns, and targeted GOTV work for the 2018 and 2020 elections. As an Executive Advisor , I provide organizational support with fundraisers, relationship building, creating campaigns, and developmental advising. I was first introduced to a Women’s March advisor through an Alumni of the SPA Leadership Program that advocated for my participation within the organizations work and I have been working with them since June of 2018. My main objective is identifying national needs for a youth voice, getting creative with action ideas, and mobilizing youth to take action around causes that matter to young people. 

This past summer I was an Outreach and Rally Consultant for the Reclaim Pride Coalition to support them putting on Queer Liberation March in NYC. I developed and implemented city, state, and international outreach for the march and rally. When I was hired I was given the goal of having 15,000 poeple turn out for the march and I, along with over a 100 organizers, were able to work hard to surpass that goal with 45,000 people turning out for the Queer Liberation March. 

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