Leadership In Action: Anthony Diorio

Anthony Diorio, Sophomore, Intern at the U.S. House of Representatives

Major in Interdisciplinary Studies:

Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government; Minor in Political Science

Who am I?
I am first and foremost a learner. I’ve found that while a lot of learning happens at school or university there’s even more that happens outside the classroom so a lifelong goal of mine is to never lose sight of my constant ability to learn and grow as a person. I am also a proud Italian-American and maybe a little bit of an obsessive Bruce Springsteen fan!
What are you involved with on campus?
SPA Leadership, American University Rowing Club
What do you do in your job?
In my job for my member of congress, like any typical hilltern I answer a lot of phones and respond to constituent requests. I also get to write policy letters and keep track of different legislation and votes. My favorite part about my job however is getting to attend briefings and writing briefing memos for staff members. Briefings are conducted by experts in the fields and are incredibly informative and usually very interesting.
How has the Leadership Program prepared you for your current role(s) either on or off campus?
The leadership program has prepared me for my role as incoming Student Co-Director as well as my current position on the hill. The program has helped me hone my research skills as well my concise writing; both of which are invaluable skills in any workforce. The program has also helped me with my self confidence in leadership. In other words, helping me to grow in my confidence as a leader as well as looking to the follower to better understand their needs. All leadership is effective service leadership: a point which I believe Dr. Manuel never fails to deliver!
What is a message you have for other students?
Do things that you enjoy! So often people (especially AU students) can get caught up in what would look good on a resume or what they “should” be doing when in reality whatever you want to be doing is what you should be doing. Find a way to incorporate what you love into what you do because you will perform better when you enjoy what you’re working on.
You can reach out to Anthony on LinkedIn or on Instagram at @anthony.oreo. You can also reach Anthony via email at anthony.spaleadership@gmail.com.