Leadership in Action: Britt Jacovich, Class of 2020

Britt Jacovich, Class of 2020,

Press Assistant at Accountable.US/Allied Progress

Double Major in CLEG and Public Relations & Strategic Communications


Who am I?

My name is Britt Jacovich! I’m originally from Watertown, Connecticut. Currently, I’m working remotely for the unforeseeable future in DC with my cat while I watch an unhealthy amount of reality TV and occasionally hike in Rock Creek Park.

What were you involved with in undergrad?

Student Director, First Year TA, and Communications Coordinator with SPA Leadership Peer Advisor at Career Center Executive Producer and E-Board with American University Television Intern at NPR, Senator Murphy’s office, EMILY’s List, Emerge America, Center for American Progress

Starting from graduation, what’s your career path thus far? What did your job search process look like?

Similar to other 2020 graduates, my job search process was extremely stressful due to COVID-19. I’m super grateful that I landed a job with Accountable.US and it involved applying constantly and working with the Career Center on my resume and cover letter. I was on numerous job listservs, scrolled through LinkedIn constantly, and checked in with my past internship supervisors for advice and informational interviews.

What do you do in your job?

One of our organization’s focus is on the administration and Congress’ response to COVID-19 and since I’m on the communications team, I’m constantly checking the news and Twitter. Our research varies every day but I’m always creating press lists, press releases, and social media content (follow us at @AlliedProgress and @Acccountable_US!).

How has the leadership program prepared you for your current role?

One of my biggest (and favorite) weekly tasks is creating our Bailouts Bulletin newsletter. My experience with the Leadership newsletter definitely gave me a solid foundation on that project. But overall, learning how to collaborate with differing personalities and build professional relationships while balancing numerous communication and work styles has been the most invaluable.

What’s a message you have for current students?

My first three years of college were hard, but they were nothing compared to those last couple of months online due to COVID-19. I can’t imagine the numerous stresses you’re all facing right now. You don’t need to give 110% on every assignment or club meeting or internship task. Sometimes you’ll only have the energy for the bare minimum and there is nothing wrong with that. Your number one priority right now should be taking care of yourself and everything else is secondary.

Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to get to know a leadership alum! Feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook or message me on Twitter/Instagram @brittjacovich. 

You can also reach Britt at bjacovich@gmail.com or on LinkedIn

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