Leadership In Action: Olivia Phillips

Olivia Phillips, Junior, Assistant Tennis Pro

The Leadership program has helped me in so many different ways to become a more well rounded as well as an aware leader. Back home for the past 5 summers, I have worked as an assistant tennis pro at my local swim and tennis club. There, I am in charge of over 200 clients. My tasks include putting together club events, organizing the kids clinics and adult leagues as well as helping to put together the master schedule. Thanks to leadership, I was able to find my voice and confidence to take the lead in group situations and be able to manage people who communicate and work in different ways. 
Additionally, at American, I work as a tutor at the writing center and last year I was one of the co-coordinators for diversity and inclusion. Those were two roles that I never thought I would ever do, but with the confidence that leadership has given me, I am not afraid to try new things and push myself out of my comfort zone in terms of what I am involved with. Next year I hope to be more involved in Leadership and give back to a program that has given me so much back. Also, given my leadership role at my summer job back home, I am hoping to expand the tennis program and create a more formulated kids tennis team league and reach out to surrounding clubs to get involved. Because of leadership, I have been able to improve my communication skills and not be afraid to voice my opinions and ideas in an appropriate manner.