Op-Ed by José  Eriel Muniz Gomez   After more than 40 years trying to identify whether Israel had any natural resources in its territory, the frustrations of the Jewish state reached its boiling point in 2010 with the discovery of the Leviathan natural gas field on the Mediterranean Sea coast. […]

Israel’s New Economic Geostrategy

“Israel News & Views” Student-Only Lunch Discussions with Professor Guy Ziv Student Israelity Mentor and SIS Professor Guy Ziv will again host a semester-long series of student lunch discussions on Israeli current events.  Join us for these informal, off-the-record conversations about Israeli politics. Students who attend are strongly encouraged to […]

Written by Dania Tanur   On Wednesday, September 27th, American University’s Center for Israel Studies hosted journalists and authors Laura Blumenfeld and Samuel G. Freedman for a discussion on the diaspora Jews and Israel in the era of President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The event, moderated by […]

A Changing Relationship: Diaspora Jews and Israel in the Trump/Netanyahu ...