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Student Israelity is a completely student-run blog composed of students attending American University who manage the website, edit content, and write their own posts. Sponsored by AU’s Center for Israel Studies, Professor Guy Ziv mentors the blog co-managers in management, teamwork and also helps to brainstorm interesting topics about Israel to explore.
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All posts on this blog feature student-created Israel related content including but not limited to: research papers, creative writing, informative papers, Israeli restaurant reviews, experience reflections, podcasts, videos, recipes, event summaries, and even sustainable practice observations.

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Meet Our Student Team


Sophie Levy:

Sophie Levy is a sophomore intern for the Center for Israel Studies and co-manager of Student Israelity. She is from Memphis, Tennessee and an International Relations and Economics major with a focus in the Middle East and Arabic language. Her passions lie in peace negotiation, refugee empowerment, and interfaith, intercultural, and interpersonal dialogue in the Middle East.
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Jessica Horst:

Jess is from New Holland, Pennsylvania and a junior Business Administration major with a personalized specialization and a minor in communications. Jess is the Co-Manager of Student Israelity alongside Sophie Levy, but her primary duty for Student Israelity is website maintenance, management, and design. As Head of Communications at the Center for Israel Studies, Jess has developed her interest in Israel’s agricultural and sustainability practices, as well as population statistics.
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Rachel Abraham:

Rachel is a freshman from Mamaroneck (Westchester), New York who hasn’t really figured out what she wants to declare as a major yet. Always fascinated with Israeli politics, Rachel is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Student Israelity where she can combine her love of editing/ writing with various Israel related topics.






 Gabrielle Burack:

Gabrielle Burack is from Boxborough, MA and a Senior at American University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Studies. She recently returned from studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium where she studied European Union government. Gabrielle is currently a legislative assistant at the Anti-Defamation League. She previously interned at the Office of Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Jewish Federations of North America, and the Organization for Refuge, Asylum, and Migration in Tel Aviv. Her passions lie in Israeli foreign policy, peace negotiations, human rights, and conflict resolution.

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Gabrielle Chishinsky:

Gabrielle is a junior at American University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a minor in Political Science. Gabrielle’s thematic area focuses include Foreign Policy & National Security,  as well as Global & Comparative Governance with a regional focus in the Middle East. She is currently a Research Assistant for Professor Erran Carmel’s “Business in the Capital” initiative in Kogod, which examines businesses, industries, and policy issues in the Greater Washington area. This past summer she interned in the Public Diplomacy department at the Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C. and went on a Birthright Academic trip entitled “Conflict Management and Counter-Terrorism in Israel and the Middle East” at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya. In addition, Gabrielle plans on studying and interning this summer at Tel Aviv University!”
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Jacob Kagon:

Jacob is a Junior, studying International Relations with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Malibu, California where he likes to surf and play ping pong, his favorite activities in DC include going to Air and Space Museum where he works and making French Press coffee.
Last summer, Jacob spent three months in Israel interning at an Israeli think tank, NGO Monitor. While in Israel, he traveled to the West Bank, Egypt and Jordan to get a better idea of the regional makeup. Not only interested in Middle Eastern politics but also the ongoing refugee crisis, Jacob will spend a month this summer in Chios, Greece assisting refugees fleeing war zones.
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Jennifer Kennedy:

Jennifer is a student at American University studying public relations and sustainability. Her passions lie in food and the environment. Jennifer is studying to find better means of communication for global issues, including climate change. Food is an intersectional medium for people to discuss and expose cultural plights. Jennifer looks to engage others in discussions about the crossroads of cuisine and climate, hoping to educate, inspire, and push individuals to take action. If not advocating, Jennifer can be found on the field hockey field representing the AU Eagles Club Field Hockey Team, or marketing for our on-campus student-run food publication, Spoon AU.
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Max Lanosga:

Born and Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana with two younger brothers, Max is currently an undergraduate at American University pursuing a double major in Arabic and International Relations. Max spent five months in Amman, Jordan earlier in 2017 studying language at the University of Jordan, and hopes to return to the region after graduation.


Maya Pollack: 

Maya is from Monterey, California and is a sophomore at American University. She is majoring in International Studies focusing in conflict resolution in the Middle East as well as minoring in journalism. She spent a gap year in Israel with Netzer Olami where she became interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Along with being part of the Student Israelity team, Maya is also an intern at Hillel and co-president of J Street U at American University. When not seen drinking coffee and talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Maya can be found playing hard on the Ultimate Frisbee field!