CIS Spring 2018 Classes

JWST-210.001: Voices of Modern Jewish Literature-GenEd FA2
Professor Lauren Strauss
M/TH: 12:55-2:10 PM

Explores a variety of literary works analyzing the historical experience of modern Jewish communities in Europe, as well as the United States and Israel, emphasizing how migration, racism, industrialization, and political change affected these Jews and their Judaism.



SISU-419.014: Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace
Professor Guy Ziv
M: 2:30-5:20 PM

This senior capstone provides students with a deeper understanding of the problems that have confounded the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, in particular, the “final status” issues: borders, Jerusalem, refugees, and security. Students focus on the contested narratives; the relevant political actors; and the key international, regional, and internal events that have shaped the dispute. As well, previous rounds of negotiations are reviewed in order to analyze what went wrong. Students then partake in a simulation in which they attempt to constructively address the final status issues as well as other sticking points, such as settlements and terrorism, in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.



SISU-319.001: Arab-Israeli Relations
Professor Boaz Atzili
T/F: 9:45-11:00 AM

A survey of Arab-Israeli relations from their origins to the present. Includes an account of Zionism and Palestinian nationalism, the history of the British mandate, the Arab-Israeli wars, the involvement of external powers, and the quest for peace. The emphasis is on conflict resolution.



SISU-330.001: Israel’s National Security: Challenges and Strategy
Professor Dan Arbell
W: 11:20 AM-2:10 PM

Israel’s national security is based on the interdependence between defense, political, and economic factors, with the military, intelligence, and diplomacy playing a critical role in safeguarding it. As the world witnesses, a realignment of the great powers and the Middle East is dramatically changing, Israel faces great challenges and Israel’s national security will depend on its ability to adapt to the new realities. This course reviews the history and evolution of Israeli national security, examines principles and roles of institutions in war and peace, analyzes challenges facing Israel including the rise of radical Islam, the growth of cyber warfare, and higher sophistication of terrorist organizations, and how it deals with them.



WSEM-496.001: Israel’s Water Politics
Professor Jeffrey Sosland
TH: 5:30-8:00 PM

This course examines the global politics of water scarcity, focusing on Israel. Students will examine the Arab-Israeli water scarcity case and scrutinize potential solutions to this political and environmental challenge.