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  1. Hi Thamara! I think analysing the discourse around human trafficking is an incredibly interesting topic and I particularly liked your focus on reflexivity, which is super important and it’s great that you’re cognisant of the same. I had a few potential ideas that may add value to your research:
    – I know that you look at CEDAW and it’s importance in the 2000s but I also think that by linking it to and looking into the United States’ reservations of CEDAW as well, considering the convention’s huge focus on trafficking, may add some interesting perspectives and also open up more official discourse from foreign policy representatives.
    – I know you mentioned that both trafficking and prostitution are conflated while that, in reality, is not the case. Due to this, I believe that it could be beneficial to maybe narrow down on one specific object of inquiry?
    – Lastly, when speaking of official discourses, it may be interesting to look into the role of religious leaders in influencing opinions as well as, from at least what I understand of it, their depictions often may act as a moral basis for foreign policy, especially with Bush’s brand of conservatism.

    I really think you have a fantastic research design and you’re always super passionate about it – I’m excited to see your research! Good luck!

  2. Thamara,

    I think you have a really solid research design here. Your understanding of the object of inquiry and the conflicting representations of “those who sell sex” from a United States foreign policy standpoint is especially strong and I think you’ve nailed the AIDS epidemic as being one of the important factors surrounding these representations. I have a few suggestions — I wonder how this narrative intersects with both the view on “those who sell sex” from a domestic policy standpoint within the US … is there a noticeable difference between how domestic or foreign people who sell sex are represented? Additionally, even though the crack epidemic began slowing down in the mid-90s, a lot of stigma from this remained in 2000 and I know there is always crossover between sex and drug trafficking; how would this contribute to that conversation? Finally, I think your conceptual groups do make sense, but I did feel a little confused on whether they were explaining the different representations created or the actual policies, so maybe just elaborate on that a bit more in your essay.

    Overall, it’s been great to work alongside you this semester and see all the progress that you and your project have made in the meantime. I’m excited to see where this goes as we move into 306 next semester. 🙂

  3. Thamara,

    I think you did really well in outlining your puzzle and how it fits within the current literature. I could clearly understand how you come to these puzzles about sex trafficking in reading the literature and you do well in establishing context.

    However, as you mention the term “conflated” I think it would be good to elaborate on how do terms become “conflated” and specially, what terms as they relate to human/sex trafficking and also how is this “conflating” impact the agents and actors that are most effected or participant in these discourses?

    I think your discussion of the agents, sites of discourse and the current literature is very explicit and really outlines the strength of pursing a interpretativist design for you questions. You are establishing the discursiveness contexts surrounding you puzzle but in looking at official sites and official discourse I think you could also mention Foucault power and discourse ideas and the positionality of those being trafficked and those making decisions. I think you touch on these but in your paper this could be something that could flow into both your puzzle and understanding for the reader on how these official discourses and actors construct these meanings.

    Overall, I look forward to your research and I think you have a strong discourses basis and understanding that really carries throughout your project . I think you are aiming at a very interesting puzzle and seem to be doing so in a n approach that is thoughtful and well researched.

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