American University Campus

Tina Maglakelidze is an undergraduate student enrolled in the School of International Service (SIS) at American University (AU). She is an Honors student majoring in International Relations, minoring in Russian Language Studies, and working towards a certification in Russian Translation. As a child of a Russian mother and Georgian father, Tina has been invested in Eurasian affairs from a young age. Born in Moscow and currently residing in Washington D.C., Tina capitalizes on international relations in her research.

During her first year at AU, Tina created the Campus Culture Studio (CCS) which is a collaborative program that serves as an inclusive venue for AU’s International students to engage with the more nuanced aspects of campus culture. On campus Tina is also a part of the SIS Diplomatic Core where she mentors first-year students within her major. She has worked in a medical office, is an intern at the Charity and Security Network in D.C., and has interned at the Institute of Modern Russia think-tank in N.Y.C..

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