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Creative Narrative Progymnasmata Post

Samuel Conroy

Rhetoric of Travel

September 4, 2020

Professor Comstock

Creative Narrative Progymnasmata

In “An Autumn Effect,” the author departs his town and goes on an adventure into the woods. Upon his travels, the season has changed to fall and is providing a beautiful ambience for the author to travel through. He states, “my whole view brightened considerably in colour, for it was the distance only that was grey and cold, and the distance I could see no longer” (Stevenson 4). Fall is described to be the best time of the year due to the change in color, the calmness of the insects, the movement of certain animals, and the aura of serenity that seemed to come over the land. The story continues of the author’s adventures throughout Great Britain taking in all of the autumnal force, before returning to London on a train to go back to everyday life.


Below is my best attempt to draw the author departing town to go into nature and experience fall:

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