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  1. Avatar tk says:

    Hi there Tristan!
    First of all, your project is I credibly fascinating, and the data that you ground your points in is incredibly diverse and thorough. However, I’m having a hard time deciphering what your exact puzzle is. I understand it is variation in cyber-power over the course of time but in what context are you examining this in? What is exactly the background of your puzzle? What, for the record, makes it a puzzle? I feel like I would’ve been able to understand your presentation significantly better if this was clearer.

    Furthermore, this may be the fact that I am ignorant on the subject, but I am just overall having a hard time understanding the project as a whole and connecting it. The methodology is well done and well suited for your topic, but it would all do better if there was clearer explanation.

    Overall, good job! And I look forward to seeing your research progress forward!

  2. Avatar Mohammad says:

    Hey Tristan, it is abundantly clear that you have put some thought and effort into your research design. I specifically liked how you operationalized your dependent variable into an interval-ratio by dividing the number of successful events over the internet/telecommunications traffic as strength of cybersecurity. Your complex operationalizations, from what I gather are not for the sake of complexity and are intended to capture validly and holistically the things you seek to measure. I was also interested in how you used longitudinal analysis to this end, as well as the double data analysis by employing bivariate and least square regressions. These are all complex and thoughtful, and surely improve the validity of your findings, though they could use a little more clarity in their introduction to uninitiated readers. Aside from clarity, I would also ask how/when you would assemble the vast data set you mention and whether you would consider doing so over break? Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

  3. Avatar bh3812a says:

    Hi Tristan,

    I really enjoy your continuous tying back to our course material. It makes your presentation and discussion really strong for it bases itself entirely in established literature. I also really enjoy your overall presentation style. It’s straight to the point and portrayed in a way that makes it easier for first time listeners to gauge a really good sense of what you’re researching. In regard to a puzzle, I’m going to agree with what Tristen said above. I’d love to know what makes this so interesting to you! The fact that it is interesting probably means there is a puzzle. I’d love for you to go more in-depth with what that puzzle is. Other than that, your presentation is really well-structured. I specifically really liked your graphing out the literature you have read to make it way easier for others to understand the literature. It allowed myself to easily see who believes what and what their shortcomings might be. I’m excited to see what your 306 project becomes, because again, this is really well-structured and already has so much backing it!

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