The Art of Consequences was produced as a master’s capstone project for American University’s School of International Service in Spring 2018.

The goals for this project were as follows:

  1. Showcase a curated selection of the best data visualizations on war
  2. Provide a resource for understanding war data visualizations
  3. Analyze and reach conclusions about what makes a great war visualization, why these products matter, and what impact they achieve.

Within the site, the five analysis pieces explore the history of war visualization in international communication from historical breakthroughs to present day video and animation. These pieces also analyze the efficacy of such visualizations, determine the extent of their impact and use, and explore why their power to bring numbers alive drives home the true extent of war casualties and cost like no other communication tool can, in ways specific to each unique war. Technology and techniques relevant to this field in the future are also explored, and the interactive timeline showcases how various wars have been represented with the tools and trends of their eras.

This project was made by Sarah Grace.

Special thanks to Peggy Archambault and Naomi Moland.