Zoe’s Sources on Climate Change in the Marshall Islands


The Last Generation

Interactive FRONTLINE AND TheGroundTruth Documentary that follows three children lives and how climate change affects them.


 “Climate Change Has Reached Our Shores”

New York Times Op-ed claiming the Majuro Declaration is the key to combatting Marshall Islands climate disaster.


“We Are On The Front Line Of Climate Change, Marshall Islands President Says” 

NPR Podcast with Hilda Heine, president of the Marshall Islands, to talk about the impact of climate change on the island nation.

Serene’s Sources on Plastic in Ocean

  1. Documentary: A Plastic Ocean


The documentary “A Plastic Ocean” tells the story of reporter Craig Leeson, who finds A large amount of Plastic waste in the pristine Ocean when he plans to track and photograph rare blue whales. Over the next four years, Craig, working with free-diver Tanya Streeter and an international team of scientists and researchers, traveled to 20 places around the world to explore the true state of the oceans and reveal the surprising truth about plastic pollution in the oceans, as well as propose possible solutions.


  1. Podcast: How plastic pollution may harm marine life


In the Planet Earth digital broadcast, Tamara Galloway, Matt Cole and Ceri Lewis of the University of Exeter talk about their exploration on the impacts of sections of plastics from nourishment bundling, drinks bottles, and even facial scours, on marine natural life.


  1. Op-eds: The missing 99%: why can’t we find the vast majority of ocean plastic?


Stephen Buranyi writes that scientists in the garbage patches and on beaches have discovered and measured only a small fraction of the total. In other words, the amount of plastic accumulating on the surface is only a small fraction of the ocean’s total. Most of it ends up piling up in vast quantities in the deepest parts of the ocean, buried in sediment on the seafloor. Or it dissolves in water, becomes a chemical that dissolves in water.

Sadie’s Sources and the Affect Climate Change has on Human Health


  • This was an interesting podcast from University of Colorado physicians Jay Lemery and Cecilia Sorensen about how climate change can harm our health and how the medical community must adapt to this new driver of disease.


  • This is a post from the TIME magazine that talks about how climate change is a public health emergency as well as a global threat.


  • This is an article from the EPA that discusses all of the climate impacts on human health. It talks about the different topics within and how each topic is directly affecting the health and what diseases and illnesses it is causing.