Chen Yao’s OP-ED Post

This article focuses on the impact of the emergence of coronaviruses on global climate change. The article lists the reduction of emissions by 1.4% after the 2008 economic crisis.  Therefore, the author believes that this global isolation measures will allow the planet to reduce emissions.  And the reduction in transportation can also reduce global emissions.

I think this article is an op-ed. First of all,  the author ’s point of view in the article is clear is that coronavirus has an impact on global climate change. And the author lists some previous examples, such as the financial crisis to prove that global isolation will also reduce emissions.  And because of coronaviruses, transportation emissions are significantly reduced, so the author believes that such a phenomenon can give people time to solve environmental pollution problems.  Secondly, the title of this article including ” opinion” this word, which clearly indicates that the author’s article is an op-ed. From these two points, it can be seen that this is an op-ed.

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