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When I was young, like five or six years before, I heard that the sea level become higher and higher because of the climate change. At that time, I don’t understand that how could the sea level in such a huge ocean could become higher and higher.


But now, there are dozens of islands will disappear in the future. For example, the country with the lowest sea level—Tuvalu. From the research from 1993, this country will disappear in 2043. This will be the first country disappeared in the world because of the sea level. Also, the most beautiful country Maldives will be disappeared too in hundred years as this speed of the increasing of the sea level.


There are more and more countries are treated by the climate change and most of them are very beautiful. Here is a photo of Ghoramara island. The mud houses are vulnerable to cyclonic storms and floods. Families along the coastline has been forced to shift several times, as the coastline keeps receding.

If we don’t want these beautiful islands to disappear under water, people need to protect environment from now. Driving less, using fewer plastic bags, factories need to emission reduction, etc.


However, it is hard for people to change the climate in modern world. If we can’t stop the temperature rising, it is necessary to travel to these countries before they submerge by the ocean.

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  1. The blog discusses an issue that is being ignored. With the rise in climate change, small islands will begin to disappear. Your curiosity added a “personal touch” when describing the change in sea levels. But there was a lack of sources, where did you get your information? You can incorporate more transition words (therefore, similarly) to make the blog flow.

  2. I agree with you on how this is all so shocking. Rising sea levels have been known about for so long and yet humanity appears to do nothing to stop it. Your post also reminded me about how many people do not even attribute rising sea levels to the appropriate causes like melting permafrost and thermal expansion, which themselves are caused by global temperatures being raised by single degrees.

  3. The way you start with your own experience to a real life application pulls on the heartstring with pathos and then onto the ethos with the facts. I find your post very interesting because we have all heard of the sea levels rising but now a nation will be underwater and no one is talking about it. I also found it powerful how you talk about these countries as a nonrenewable resources. We should enjoy them before they’re gone. Thank you for your thoughts!

  4. I really enjoyed this blog post because it covered a very important topic that many people avoid talking about. I also knew about the small country of Tuvalu so when you mentioned it that was very upsetting to me. Lastly, the picture you included was very powerful and grabbed my attention while reading it.

  5. This blog was very informative and I like how you talked about a new topic we have not discussed in class. I agree that more attention needs to be brought towards ways we can reduce this from happening and hopefully find longterm solutions. The use of logos in the facts you included was very good and straight to the point. They helped further emphasize your point using logos. Good job

  6. I really liked how you spoke about these islanders homes and how they may be affected by climate change. The graphic added pathos to the blog by showing the kids playing near the sea which makes us think about what their lives may be like in the near future.

  7. It’s true that sea levels have been rising over the years, and I’ve done some research on that. The main cause of sea level rise is global warming. I know that many beautiful islands have disappeared, and some are drowning in the sea. Many island nations are threatened by rising sea levels, so many of the island’s inhabitants have nowhere to go and their homes are being threatened.

  8. This was a very interesting post, I had no idea about how soon Tuvalu will be underwater. I think this issue should have much more attention around the world especially because it is a very clear result of climate change. I liked that you included a photo because it helped break up the text and allowed the reader to pause and look at the photo for a minute. I really liked reading your post and I look forward to reading more on this topic.

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