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When I was young, like five or six years before, I heard that the sea level become higher and higher because of the climate change. At that time, I don’t understand that how could the sea level in such a huge ocean could become higher and higher.


But now, there are dozens of islands will disappear in the future. For example, the country with the lowest sea level—Tuvalu. From the research from 1993, this country will disappear in 2043. This will be the first country disappeared in the world because of the sea level. Also, the most beautiful country Maldives will be disappeared too in hundred years as this speed of the increasing of the sea level.


There are more and more countries are treated by the climate change and most of them are very beautiful. Here is a photo of Ghoramara island. The mud houses are vulnerable to cyclonic storms and floods. Families along the coastline has been forced to shift several times, as the coastline keeps receding.

If we don’t want these beautiful islands to disappear under water, people need to protect environment from now. Driving less, using fewer plastic bags, factories need to emission reduction, etc.


However, it is hard for people to change the climate in modern world. If we can’t stop the temperature rising, it is necessary to travel to these countries before they submerge by the ocean.

Plan Your Op-Ed Ruize Xu

The article I will write about is that do people cause the distinction of the animals or not.

There are a lot of controversy about the animal distinction because not all the people think that the animal distinction is because of human and the global warming.

In the controversy, I think the most possible reason why animals distinct too fast is because of the human. There are directly  or indirectly reasons why human accelerated the extinction of animals.

I think my position is correct because this could help human to live with animals better in the future.

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When I was young, I could always hear that the temperature of south pole is becoming higher and higher. The one I heard the most is that there will be dozens of countries will disappear because of the temperature increasing. If the temperature increases a lot in south pole and north pole, the sea level will increase as an amazing speed and finally dozens of counties and cities will drown in the ocean.


Recently, after the COVID-19 appeared, I have been hearing a phenomenon which give me a new understanding of the destruction of nature. It is “watermelon snow”. The reason why people called this snow is because the color of this snow is red, it seems like the blood on the snow. I found an article titled “This blood red snow is taking over parts of Antarctica”. In this article, it told me the watermelon snow is caused because of the earlier in March, Antarctica experienced record high temperatures, causing the southernmost continent’s ice caps to melt at an unprecedented rate. Here is a picture on Facebook which took by the scientists on Feb 24th.

Even though it looks like the blood cover the snow, but it is not actually blood. The red is a kind of algae called Chlamydomonas nivalis and because of the high temperature, the algae have enough condition to intermediate propagation. Slow bloom will keep influence the environment too. Here a sentence said by the ministry. “Because of the red-crimson color, the snow reflects less sunlight and melts faster. As a consequence, it produces more and more bright algae.”


Because of normal people will never gone to south pole in their life, so we can’t prove that the watermelon snow is as serious as they said. But that can’t stop us to protect the environment. Whatever this is a real news or fake news, people need to realize the environmental problem after COVID-19 virus because there are too much environmental changes happened together with COVID-19. Hopefully the watermelon snow could get controlled in the future and the sea level could stop increasing.

Ruize Xu’s op-ed

This op-ed was write by Coral Davenport on March, 27th. This article was post on The New York times and the title is Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Find Opposition Within: Staff Scientist. The reason why I said this is an op-ed is because I think I could see that the author doesn’t agree about some of the decisions in the article. Also, the author points out that there are a lot of times that the government want to reversing the rules that Obama set before. I’ve never heard this before so that I think this is an op-ed article.


In this article, it seems like the author is explaining something to the readers, not only state the fact, so it’s not similar to others’ articles.

Ruize’s post on animal extinction


I choose this article because the post date of this article is the nearest one. Also, it gives data of the
distinction of the animals.

World II
I choose this video because I don’t know what kind of film could explain the animal kingdom as well as
this can. This film gives too many examples of the animal kingdom.

I choose this podcast because this one is the distinction of both human and animals. It is good to help people to have the alarm to know we may distinction if not protect the environment.