Alan Tran Op-Ed Plan And Site Post

I decided to choose the topic that Should SeaWorld release their sea creatures back into the ocean?

There are two sides to the argument. One side is it is very unethical to keep sea animals captive in a ridiculously small tank and perform tricks for food and money is the only reason for it to be that way. The other side is sea animals help educate people about marine life, it helps save a lot of animal lives by providing research, and SeaWorld helps more animals with its revenue.

The sources I’m using to help me out are:

I side with we should keep SeaWorld because the marine oceans are still not clean and since the orcas are raised in tanks, they would not be comfortable or adapt with the new environment.

I believe that this would raise awareness on why climate change and rising sea levels can massively affect decisions on marine life organisms and could negatively affect many islands and animals.

The site I choose to post on is the USA Today as the audience is mostly in the middle center where they have a balance of opinions. It also reaches out to many people who are interested in the current events and many other topics.

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