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HEYTEA came into being in a lane named Jiangbianli in 2012, formerly known as ROYALTEA. Due to the failure to register the trademark, it is upgraded and registered as HEYTEA .

HEYTEA is the first maker of cheese tea. Different from other traditional cream-covered tea with coarse making and cheap tea, HEYTEA provides high-quality tea from all over the world, which makes the Chinese tea culture vigorous again, and HEYTEA became the most popular tea maker in China.

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To following the action of World Environment Day on June 5th, HEYTEA lunched environmental plan called “Heytea”. The plan includes a series of activities such as launching green environmental protection paper straws, encouraging customer bring their own cups, encouraging recycling, sorting trash.

The production of disposable plastic products consumes a lot of resources, and it takes hundreds of years to degrade, and it is easy to cause pollution to the atmosphere during the combustion process. Disposable plastic products are harmful to the planet. The first step of “Heytea” environmental protection activities is to start using reducing “plastic”.

HEYTEA launched an environmentally degradable-green inspired paper straw, Paper straws are made of imported food-grade kraft paper (certified by FSC), and it suitable for all types of beverages. At the same time, HEYTEA encourages using fewer straws. If there are no bubbles or fruit inside your drink, you can directly open the lid of the drinking cup and drink without a straw.

HEYTEA also encourge customer to bring their own cups. If customers bring their own cups, they have have the discount for their drink: Customers from mainland China will save 2 RMB, Customers in Singapore will save 0.5SGD.

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  1. Around the world, people’s love for milk tea is increasing. Therefore, because of the vast consumption of milk tea, the disposable plastic products it consumes are indeed a severe white pollution problem. HEYTEA’s green action is a unique way to solve the white pollution, but it still needs time to test for its effect. However, people should reduce the use of disposable plastics in more ways because plastics are difficult to degrade, and the white pollution formed is challenging to solve.

  2. This was very interesting because I had never heard of cheese tea. I think what HEYTEA is trying to do it a good thing. Even though it might need years to take effect, the fact that they are proposing these environmentally friendly things is a good first step that I think many other companies should do as well.

  3. This was a very cool blog post as I personally do not know much on the topic of cheese tea. However, as this might be trend right now, it is good that the company HEYTEA is taking actions to be more environmentally friendly. More and more companies are taking the environmentally sustainable approach to their newer products and this stance not only helps the environment, but targets a crucial audience.

  4. I think is a pretty good idea. The idea of rewarding customers by doing a simple thing such as bringing a cup is great and also in my opinion this little things such as recycling cups and using paper straws make a huge difference for the environment.

  5. I think heytea’s approach is very correct. As one of the most difficult things to break down in the world, plastic has always been a threat to the environment. This approach allows people to be aware of the dangers of plastic and increase awareness of what to recycle.

  6. I think this milk tea shop is very creative and is really doing something for the environment. In fact, it is best for customers to bring their own cups, which is both hygienic and environmentally friendly. The decomposition of plastic can take generations to break down a single cup. So their store is right not to advocate the use of plastic cups.

  7. The article talks about HEYTEA using green environment protection paper straws instead of plastic straws, I believe there are lots of restaurants use that strategy, which can save lots of plastic waste in the world, it is very environment-friendly.

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