The influence of climate change on biodiversity

Recently, the new UCL-led study showed that global warming may cause a loss of biodiversity throughout the 21st century.

Dr. Pigot and colleagues from the USA and South Africa did the research. They used the climate model data from 1850 to 2005 and cross-referenced it with the geographic ranges of 30652 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and other animals and plants. The data was available for areas across the globe, divided up into 100 by 100 km square grid cells. According to the model, they predicted that species in each grid cell will begin experiencing temperatures that are consistently higher than the organism has previously experienced across its geographic range, for a period of at least five years. Especially, at least 73% of the species would be influenced by the increase of temperature and more than 5% of constituent species may endanger. It is irreversibly harmful to the ecosystem.

The experts stated that climate change would begin before 2030 in tropical oceans. And recent events such as mass bleaching of corals on the Great Barrier Reef indicated that the environmental issue had already started to happen. Until 2050, higher latitudes and tropical forests may be seriously influenced.

To relieve the environmental issue, Dr. Piogot claimed that the reduction of emissions could avoid more species to be died out. As long as keeping global warming below 2 °C, it will be effective for species to adapt to the change of climate with more time.

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  1. Climate change has been a problem that has been studied and discussed for many years, but the effects of climate change have been a problem for years. The greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of extinction for many species. We should call on people to pay more attention to the problem of climate change so as to protect the ecological environment.

  2. Global warming has long been a huge burden and responsibility for mankind. 2020 makes people think it’s the beginning of the end of the world. Too many bizarre things happen because of man’s profligate use of the earth’s resources and energy. Please for our own life and the continuation of future generations and the earth to begin to work to prevent things that harm the earth!

  3. This is similar to what I’ve seen in some articles before. It’s all about climate change caused by ocean change. Indeed, the development of science and technology cannot do without energy consumption, which will accelerate the aggravation of climate problems. People should reduce unnecessary carbon emissions or find pollution-free and sustainable new energy to use.

  4. I don’t think everyone realizes how many species have gone extinct and are close to extinction because of climate change. It’s sad to hear that there’s not a lot of time left to help our environment and the animals living in those ecosystems, but everyone should know this in order to spread awareness.

  5. Global warming has been a big issue and people have to pay attention about that. People really need to save some source they used. it does not only protect the environment but also protect the future.

  6. I feel that more than ever we need the younger generation focused on solving these kinds of problems. The data provided really concerns me, as 2050 is really not all that far away. I really hope the powerful leaders of our world start to make a change, focusing more on the planet around them instead of power and money.

  7. Climate change has had an impact on almost every aspect of life, and with it getting worse we have to take action now. If more species go extinct, that could lead to other issues. I also like the pictures you used.

  8. Climate change has been very important topic for the past few years. This discussion is very important as 2050 is not too far away and the damage that is being done to the earth can be irreversible if it continues at the rate its at and it is important for people to take responsibility and change the bad habits that are happening.

  9. Climate change is topic about which the human race is in denial off, which could be costly. We have already seen what ignorance is capable of. It annoying to see that no action is being taken to improve the situation

  10. Climate change is an important topic which has been discussed a lot in the past decade. Loss of biodiversity has been happening for a long time and its link to climate change is undoubtable. It is important to see that people look at climate change and biodiversity as pressing issues that should be dealt with as quickly as possible

  11. I believe climate change is an important topic to keep in conversation as many people still to this day deny its existence. It is crucial to understands its effects and analyze how we can prevent them. Because of our deteriorating climate, the biodiversity can be irreparably damaged.

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