Final Project Plan/Short List

Summary: Selling a magic ball, that grants you anyone wishes you want.

  • Person wishes for dogs and a pool.

Shot 1- Opening scene (Q and A style)- like vogue question videos

Knock on the door, overlay conversation, introduction to the magic ball. Throwball in the air cut. The camera follows the person and then the ball.

Shot 2- Makes the wish

The ball is seen thrown in the air and falls in a pool of water with toys and a person in the pool. Cut scene to another angle.

Shot 3- Confusion

Side angle splash scene, confused face, overlay conversation related to dogs.

Shot 4- Dogs running

Low angle cut of dogs running.

Shot 5- The Meet

Side angle of dogs final meeting the character near the pool. Character throws balls for dogs to play with, out of the pool.

Shot 6- The Throw

Back angle, behind-the-shoulder shot. Dogs chase after toy balls.

Shot 7- Happy Ending shot

Mid shot of torso, eye to eye level. Dog is cut but character is in the middle of the pool. Overlay conversation regarding the ball. Thumps up by character.

Rough draft

  • Remove audio from clip. (will add in final)
  • Make rough proper cuts to shots.

Final draft

  • Add title slide and end slide.
  • Add audio and music.
  • Add smoother transitions for cuts.
  • Final edits.


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