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Mentorship Post #10

Thank you, Dr. Shinko for being such a supportive mentor, and I appreciate all of your guidance in my research process. Your feedback was extremely valuable, and your advice was crucial in helping me through my research journey. On May… Continue Reading →

Research Symposium Award

Winner of the Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2018 SIS Research Symposium!

Poster Conference

Today was the annual SIS Advanced International Studies Research Poster Conference, where I had the chance to present my poster for classmates, professors, graduate students, and others who were interested in hearing about my research. PDF Version of my poster: The Politics of… Continue Reading →

Mentorship Post #9

Dr. Shinko and I had a thirty-minute meeting on April 18, 2018 to discuss my research presentation and poster for the Poster Conference on April 20, 2018 and the Research Symposium April 25, 2018. I shared the comments Professor Esser… Continue Reading →

Mentorship Post #8

On April 17, 2018, I gave my final research presentation for Professor Daniel Esser and Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby. The first criticism of my presentation they had was the title, and Professor Esser explained that it was unclear by whom the… Continue Reading →

Class Presentation Recording

Portfolio Post #6

Aldon Morris’ point of view supports the coexistence of scholarship and activism, where scholarship has a “political purpose…to change the world.” (1) Morris based his view on Du Bois’ work studying and exposing whiteness as a social construct. (2) Because… Continue Reading →

Mentorship Post #7

On March 29, 2018, I met with my mentor for thirty minutes to discuss my analysis and how I should compose my final narrative paper. Earlier in the semester, Dr. Field and I discussed how the interpretivist process is not… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #5

To understand Max Weber and Francis Bacon’s reasoning for the separation between science and ethics, it is important to know the historical background of each philosopher. For Bacon, he was writing during a time when religion was the dominant source… Continue Reading →

Mentorship Post #6

One of the criticisms I received on my most recent literature review draft was that I didn’t clearly distinguish between burden-sharing discourse and burden-sharing policy. To help with this distinction, I met with my research mentor Dr. Shinko for 30… Continue Reading →

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