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Mentorship Post #1

I met with my mentor on January 17, 2018 for thirty minutes to discuss the research I conducted over break and how to proceed for this semester. Over Winter Break, I did research to add to my literature review, but… Continue Reading →

Research Design Presentation

Portfolio Post #9

One of the most powerful images that reflect the tragedy of the Syrian refugee crisis is the death of Alan Kurdi from Syria, who lays facedown, dead on a Turkish beach after drowning during his journey to Greece from Turkey…. Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #8

The goal of my research project is to understand integration policies for refugees and asylum seekers and how effective current policies are in facilitating integration. To research the role of integration through a small-n perspective, I could adjust my research… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #7

The central focus of my research is integration of refugees and asylum seekers and how effective current policies are in facilitating integration, so I can ultimately analyze the role of humanization. Therefore, my dependent variable is integration rates, which have… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #6

Countries differ on their perspectives of refugees and asylum seekers. Thus, policies of a country are unique based on their perspective, and the policy determines how easily refugees or asylum seekers are integrated. There are several determining factors of integration… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #5

I am proposing to research the humanization of refugees because I want to find out why the number of refugees and granted asylums vary in order to help my reader understand how the international community can better receive displaced people… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #4

In “Humanizing the Understanding of the Acculturation Experience with Phenomenology,” the author questions the general understanding of assimilation and instead uses the term acculturation to explain the Latino immigrant’s process adjusting to life in the U.S.A. The author claims a… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #3

After reading Abbott’s debates on methodology and ontology, I noticed the debates are interconnected, categorizing the debates into two different types of thinking: one view of world being generalizable and consistent and another view where the world is dependent on… Continue Reading →

Portfolio Post #1

When we think of an alien, we think of an extraterrestrial being who usually demands to speak with our leader and wants to take over planet Earth. Aliens are portrayed as threats, wishing to exterminate the entire human race, yet… Continue Reading →

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