2 thoughts on “Research Portfolio Post #5

  1. You have a good start here in general, Hannah. Keep thinking about the scholarly debates that offer various and competing explanations for puzzles like yours to help deepen the conceptual puzzle at play here. In your reply I’d like to see two clean, potential research questions — one general, and one case specific (highlighting the ideas of control and variation as per the Baglione reading) — that could guide your next steps. Remember that the questions should be centered on the “why…?” / “what explains…?” formulations.

  2. hb7176a says:

    As for a case-specific approach, my question might be better articulated as follows:

    What explains the distinct reactions by the American public to similar circumstances at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay?

    More generally, I might ask:

    Why are civilians sometimes willing to overlook inhumane treatment sponsored by their own governments and not at other times?

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