AU Campus Leadership

Student Conduct & Resolution Services – Council Member

AU’s Student Conduct & Resolution Services tries and hears cases of violation of the Student Conduct Code as well as provides conflict resolution services to AU’s campus. As a Council Member, I partake in both initial hearings and cases as well as appellate cases regarding student violations of the Conduct Code and partake in administering an outcome based on the details of the case. Such a position has provided me with the opportunity to directly participate in supporting the AU community as well as learning more about the adjudicatory process – an essential aspect of the criminal justice system in which I am studying.

Student-Athlete & Support Program – Tutor

As a tutor within the Student-Athlete Support Program, I offer tutoring services to student-athletes at AU for one hour sessions on a weekly basis. The courses in which I tutor include all courses taken thus far during my academic career. For example, but not limited to, I tutor Intro to Human Health and Disease, Intro to Criminology, Bioethics, and Intro to Justice Research among many others. As a tutor, I have absorbed the material and key concepts from the myriad of courses in which I have taken and work to provide other students with the tools and techniques necessary to grow and succeed academically.

American University Experience (AUx) – Peer Facilitator

During my sophomore year at AU, I served as a Peer Facilitator of the AUx Program during its fully-rolled out pilot year. As Peer Facilitator, I worked alongside a First-Year Academic Advisor to teach and guide the once-a-week course for both AUxI and AUxII. AUxI focuses on the college transition and places emphasis on practical and essential life skills such as financial management, self-care and stress management as well as familiarity and education surrounding AU’s resources. AUxII focuses on diversity and inclusion as well as how to create an inclusive community while educating AU students on the social constructs that shape society and result in oppression. Through this position, I worked directly with students and created and implemented lesson plans while providing support to the first-year students in my sections.