My Leadership Style

My Leadership Style: Authentic Leader

Authentic leadership can be defined as an approach to leadership that places emphasis upon the legitimacy of a leader through engaging in, and enacting, an open, honest, and supportive dialogue and team dynamic. Through my experiences both within and outside of the SPA Leadership Program, I have found myself to consistently be mission-driven and focused on results while retaining self-awareness and genuine qualities. By investing my heart and soul into the projects that I work on, I focus on longterm success while also building meaningful relationships with the people I work with.

Top Strength-Based Leadership Traits:


Throughout my collegiate career, I have found that I constantly push myself to grow and learn. By setting and evaluating goals and standards I have set for myself, both in the present as well as the future, I am able to encourage myself to achieve these goals and further my successes through determination and a strong worth ethic.


In order to achieve the goals and standards I have set for myself, I develop a strategic plan. Creating detailed outlines and blueprints of the goals I intend to accomplish encourages me to hold myself accountable.


My strong work ethic, discipline, and intentionality also make me a responsible leader. I am constantly inspired by others around me to work diligently and in a dedicated manner in order to achieve my best work academically as well as the goals I set for myself.